Mooring Regulations
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Mushroom Anchor

Mushroom Mooring Size

Length of Boat (feet) Mushroom Mooring (pounds) Concrete Block Mooring
Under 14 50 Subject to individual approval
15 to 18 75
19 to 22 100
23 to 28 150
29 to 32 200
33 to 50 500
51 to 65 700
Over 65 Subject to ruling by Harbor Master
* Note: 300 to 400 pounds may be used where holding ground warrants, subject to Harbor Master approval.

Length of Mooring Chain

The length of your mooring chain should be at least the vertical height above the sea bottom to four feet above mean high water. The maximum length of your chain should be no more than 2.5 times the maximum depth of the water, except where the Harbor Master determines otherwise.

Pennant Length

If used, pennant length should be twice the distance from the bow chock to the water line.

Pennant Size

Boat Length
Pennant Size
Up to 10'
1/2 nylon

Chain Size

Boat Length
Chain Size
Up to 26'
3/8" or larger
1/2" or larger
40' or larger

Mooring Buoys

Mooring buoys should be painted white and have a minimum of one 1" blue band visible above the water. Buoys should be marked with your mooring permit numbers.

Mooring Permit Sticker

You should affix your mooring permit sticker to the port side of the bow or the port side of the mast on classic design wooden sailboats.

Spar Buoys

Spar buoys should be upright at all times and not less than 18" exposed.