Location and Contact Info

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Brant Point Marine is located at:
32 Washington Street, Nantucket, MA, next to the Harbor Master's office at the Town Pier.

Brant Point Marine

Tide Charts and Weather
Radio Channels

General Hailing (Harbor Master, Coast Guard, and Boat Basin) CH-09
Harbor Master, Harbor Communications (pump-out, directions, information) CH-14
Coast Guard, Hailing and Distress CH-16
Rental Moorings and Launch Service CH-68
Boat Basin CH-11

Harbor Chart and Anchorage

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The Nantucket Marine Department is located on the Town Pier, and provides:

  • Mooring permits (residential)
  • Recreational shellfish permits
  • Commercial shellfish permits
  • Boat registration/titling Forms (to be registered through mail or in person in Hyannis)
  • State fishing permits
  • Slips issued May 1st to Oct 15th to individuals by lottery held in the last week in April
  • Some transient dockage available for boats under 30', no sleeping aboard
  • Fresh water for boaters
  • Dumpster (in season for boaters only)
  • Recyclable area
  • Free bathroom/shower facilities for boaters
  • Ice for sale
  • Free pumpouts for boaters
  • Pay phones

The Nantucket Boat Basin is located on Straight Wharf, Old South Wharf, and Swain's Wharf and provides:

  • 240 slips
  • Electricity and telephone hookups
  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Ice
  • Fuel
  • Free pump-outs
Shellfishing Regulations

Please see our shellfishing regulations page.

Mooring Regulations

Please see our mooring regulations page.

Important Numbers

Ambulance, Fire, Police 911
Harbor Master 228-7260
Coast Guard 228-0388
Coast Guard Station Brant Point 228-0398
Hospital 228-1200
State Environmental Officer 257-6932

Mandatory Equipment
  • Lifejackets: Massachusetts state law requires that all children under 12 and all non-swimmers wear Type 1, II, or III lifejackets and that there is one for every passenger on board at all times.
  • Anchor
  • Pump
  • Oar (preferably 2)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Whistle or horn, and a bell
Discharge Regulations

As of August 17, 1992, Nantucket Harbor is a Federal No-Discharge Zone. You cannot dump sewage, treated or untreated, into the harbor. You must use a holding tank or port-a-potty. For information on getting pumped out, contact the Nantucket Marine Department.

Hazardous Waste

The Nantucket Boat Basin accepts marine hazardous waste materials, including used oil, oil filters, oily rags, etc. Drop-off is at the Dockmaster's office on Swain's Wharf. There is a small fee.